A taste of luxury

Rural House. Early Twentieth century

A taste of luxury in a Roman rural house of the early twentieth century.

Some of the original elements of the house has been recovered and enhanced, giving them a modern lecture and creating an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere.
Starting from the living room, some hidden elements like the stone wall with horizontal lines of bricks and the wooden pitched roof has been uncovered, becoming
strong elements of the design.
For the oor we’ve chosen Royal Sand by Ceramica Sant’Agostino.
The kitchen is directly connected to the dining room in a single open space, separated only by a retrò style glass wall.
The oor is Heritage by Ceramica Fioranese, a product strongly linked to traditional red clay tiles.
We’ve chosen the hexagonal shape in ivory, grey and beige tonalities. Passing from the dining room to the kitchen the neutral tiles change in ornamental ones.
All the 5 textures proposed by the rm has been used.
The two bathrooms have a classical style, characterized by E’lysees boiserie by Devon & Devon.
In the bathroom with the bath tub the oor is made of Marvel grey stone by Atlas Concorde, while in the bathroom with shower there is parque Creta by Listone Giordano.
The shower coating wall is characterized by a tridimensional mosaic named Pulsar, part of Crono collection by Giugiaro Design in collaboration with Mosaico+.